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  • Shrink Wrap Services
  • Packing Services
  • Disposal Services
  • Woodworks Tools Master
  • Woodworks Coffee Table
  • Woodworks Shelveing
  • Woodworks Chair
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TCE as a Social Enterprise

Teen Challenge Enterprises Ltd (TCE) is the social enterprise arm of Teen Challenge (Singapore). TCE positioned itself as a “Compassionate community in providing passionate services” to its customers. Its’ team of workers comprises mostly of ex-offenders and people passionate about excellent service delivery with a heart.

TCE adopts both the Work Integration Model as well as the Profit Plough Back Model.
It aims to provide skills training and employment opportunities to the marginalised groups such as ex-offenders as one of the means to reintegrate them back into society and encourage them to be self-reliant. It provides an opportunity to people who may not find employment on the open market.

TCE also aims to generate profit to fund the social programmes of its parent organization, Teen challenge (Singapore). This helps the organization to improve their financial sustainability and reduce its reliance on public donations.


To accord ex-offenders the necessary skills and mindsets to enhance their employability and to hone their entrepreneurial skills so that they are meaningfully engaged, gainfully employed & enterprisingly enabled


Our vision is to set up diverse business ventures & collaborations to provide ex-offenders with varied choices of job skills & entrepreneurial opportunities to be economically viable & contributive members to the nation’s economy.

TCE ‘s Business set-ups;

  • TC Movers
  • TC Woodworks
  • TC Giftworks (coming)
  • TC Foodworks (coming)